Monday, 25 August 2014

How to Choose Frames to Suit Your Face

This week's post will be on choosing the right specs to compliment your face shape. I'm inspired as I recently got new glasses in a 2 for 1 offer from Specsavers. So for €149 I picked up my prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses. I am absolutely delighted with both pairs. The glasses are Relay and the sunglasses are Karen Millen. I wouldn't usually go for brands but these were the ones that suited!
It took what felt like hours to find pairs that I felt suited me. It really is a matter of knowing what you want and going in and trying them on. A tip from one of the sales girls is... Don't just stick to the women's section! A lot of the glasses in the male section can really suit female faces. They are after all quite unisex.
First lets talk about trends and 'making a statement'.
Take your personality and day to day look into consideration. You want a frame that will suit your style and also the general colour scheme you follow. A huge trend at the moment is tortoise shell. It is a bit of a retro throwback, but the tortoiseshell frames add warmth to the face and go with a lot of colours. My frames are tortoiseshell with a deep blue on the sides. I find that they really frame my face and I wanted to go with more of a statement look as what's the point n wearing glasses that no one notices?! You're stuck wearing them so you may as well stand out! :)
I find the Wayfarer's Ray Ban style shape glasses quite flattering on oval and round faces. They really frame the face. People who have heart shape faces, that is a wider forehead and a pointy chin might want to go for a smaller frame so as not to attract so much attention to the top half of their face.
There are plenty of colours to choose from and if you aren't comfortable wearing stand out glasses, you can choose a neutral shade like beige that will blend in with your skin tone and not look quite as obvious.
If you have a square jaw, a bigger glasses frame will balance out the lower proportions of your face. It's also good to take into account your hair colour and skin tone when choosing your frames. Black looks quite harsh on blondes and pale skin, but tones of brown can add warmth and colours can look fabulous against dark skin.
Choosing what makeup to wear when you are wearing glasses is also hard. I would recommend filling in your brows to frame your eyes, as your glasses will be providing structure. I also recommend a bold lip as it can give the glasses more of a sophisticated look and also draw attention to the rest of your face not just your glasses. A bright red or coral lip works well, I have found ;-)
It's worth spending a little bit extra to get those designer frames if you really like them and if they suit you. These will last you as long as your eyesight doesn't change and will be on your face everyday so why scrimp on the cost? Most opticians do great deals and I have found the particular Specsavers I go to in Navan to be extremely helpful, and friendly so make sure you feel comfortable and not rushed when making your choice. Take a few pictures with the different glasses on, try your hair up and down and ask more than one person's opinion. Listen to what you want as well, you will be the one wearing them after all!
You can also get all different types of lenses as well, ones that won't let the light reflect which are useful for driving and when taking selfies ;-) So be sure to check all your options out!
More and more celebrities are getting on board the glasses bandwagon and the days of feeling self conscious from wearing glasses is gone. Be proud of your specs!
*This post is not sponsored by Specsavers. I just really, really like the customer service experience and that's where I got my glasses from. No selfies taken with the new glasses on yet, but I'll update asap ;-) *

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