Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DreamDots: An Honest Review

I was excited to try this product as recently it has been creating quite the buzz online. This product is marketed as a 'miracle' for your spots, it says it will 'purify, protect, and calm' your spots. 

Sadly this was not the case for me. I had high hopes for this product, and while I have generally very clear skin, a spot did appear on my chest. It wasn't that bad, but of course I took this opportunity to apply my 'DreamDots'. It made the spot look less noticeable and I didn't feel anything. I left it on overnight and almost forgot to take it off the next morning because you wouldn't notice it with the DreamDot over it. That's where the positive review ends however. 

DreamDots did not help this spot whatsoever, and in fact made it worse! It was sore to peel off the patch, it felt like it was removing a layer of my skin.  I've now had this spot on my chest for more than a week, and it is angry, red and sore. It's really disappointing, and I hate the hassle of having to cover it with concealer. I really hope it disappears soon. I will never be using Dreamdots again, and will stick to my old favourite Sudocrem. 

I had second thoughts about posting a negative review especially when I received the product for free to try but the whole point of beauty blogging is giving an honest review which I don't think a lot of bloggers have been doing lately. I tend to not review something if I have something negative to say, which is ridiculous as I hope none of my readers ever get duped into buying a bad product.

This leads me to ask have you ever purchased a product 'recommended' by beauty bloggers, but found to be terrible? And on the flip side of that have you ever purchased a product reviewed and recommended by me that worked for you? I would love to know, leave the answers below in the comments! :)


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  1. iv hear mixed reviews about dream dots, sudocrem is great for spots. i even use it for when i have a cold sore. :)

    Chloe x


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