Friday, 22 August 2014

August GLOSSYBOX Review/Rant

Well we may as well get straight into it with first impressions. I was disappointed to be honest. I was excited to receive this box but once I opened it and looked inside I was instantly glad I had cancelled my subscription.
The thing about beauty subscription boxes is that they promise luxury high end brands. There is nothing luxurious or special about the products I received.
Starting from the top left for example is a pink Strawberries & Milkshake lipgloss that I have seen in Penneys. Without even testing it, I know it will be gloopy and oily and greasy all of the above are qualities I despise in lip products. I might eat my words when I try it, but somehow I doubt it.
The next product is HYDRA SUN DEFENCE which considering it is the end of summer is kind of redundant. Apparently it is a kind of tinted moisturiser with a spf 30 may get some use at Electric Picnic, we shall see...
Next up is a very fancy shmancy product all together, a pre-shampoo if you don't mind! Philip Kingsley elasticizer is supposed to make your hair 'manageable and bouncy'. You apply to wet hair, put a shower cap on and wait for 15-20 minutes, then wash out then apply shampoo, condition blah blah....I'm not one to fuss with my hair, so we will see if this gets much use.
Top right is a hand cream the proclaims itself as 'pure and natural' nothing pure and natural about this I can tell you with a list of chemicals on the back as long as my arm! I also dislike the scent.
Bottom left is a cuticle balm. A fecking cuticle balm. I'm sorry but who actually uses these things? Also dislike the scent..reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger old people perfume. The only saving grace is the deadly retro packaging. I'm sure its a perfectly good product, it's just not for me.
Then lastly...a Kryolan for GLOSSYBOX collab! Kryolan is a well known cosmetics brand that create products mainly for cinematic use. I was expecting amazing things. I tested this shade 'Cashmere' a cream highlighter on the back of my hand. It's a lovely champagne shade but I'm not sure if it will be competing with my MAC Soft & Gentle in my makeup bag. Only time will tell.
All in all, a very wishy washy box with no stand out products. No full size products as far as I can tell, no special birthday bonus product AND no card describing what each product is, where it is used or what price it retails at!! This is a vital piece of info that is usually included in GLOSSYBOXES so I don't know why it was missing from mine.
Maybe they were ashamed at how little actually went into this so-called third birthday box! Methinks GLOSSYBOX are headed the same way as Powderpocket...on a downward spiral.
I've cancelled my subscription and considering signing up for the Irish Chic Treat Club. The GLOSSYBOX has definitely put me off subscription boxes. To be honest the only decent thing about GLOSSYBOX is the fancy boxes they come in.
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  1. I actually liked this months box. I thought it was decent. I liked the cuticle balm, shampoo thing and Spf.


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