Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Wishlist

I have been so blessed, lucky and spoilt this year with a colossal amount of goodies at the Christmas Blogger dinner and the most gorgeous pressies off my boyfriend and family and friends for my 21st birthday that when I am asked what I would like for Christmas I almost feel like saying I don't want anything! There are however a few little things that I would never dream of treating myself too but wouldn't say no if someone surprised me with them. I always spend more on others than I would on myself with my only exception being the odd splurge on myself maybe twice a year if that, so I don't feel bad making a Christmas wishlist :) 

A decent camera is something that I have wanted for absolutely ages. This one from Argos or something similar would be the perfect accompaniment to all the travelling I hope to do in the New Year. 

I have been craving this stunning long line faux fur biker jacket from River Island for so long, hopefully I will get reduced in the sales as its €113. 

I would never buy good quality jewelry for myself, it really is something that someone else should buy for you I feel. I love the quote on this Alex and Ani bracelet, there are loads of other lovely charms and sayings as well. This is €30. 

I spotted this beauty of a necklace and these stunning bangles on stella and dot's website here

The bangles say Love, always or blessed. 

I really like this necklace as well. Both retail at €49 each I think. Hopefully this Christmas list gives you an idea for presents for your mum, sister, girlfriend, partner or friend! They are all presents a girl would love. 


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