Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Festive favourites


Number 1. Favourite Festive Food

My mum's roast dinner wins favourite food never mind favourite festive food hands down! It's amazing, but all the extra Christmas trimmings makes it even more amazeballs. She makes sausage stuffing and extra crispy roast potatoes done in goose fat with roasted veg - it it divine! 

Number 2. Favourite Reindeer

I'm just gonna say Rudolph because he is the original!

Number 3. Favourite Day of Christmas

I really like the weekend before Christmas when we do the Twelve Pubs thats when I feel like it starts to get really festive! I also like Stephen's Day and New years Eve when we meet up with loads of family, karaoke and wine are usually the orders of the night! Always really good craic to be had. 

Number 4. Favourite Christmas Song

Fairytale of New York is always good for a sing song, the original by the Pogues. I also love All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey. When I was little, I wanted to be the girl who sung it in Love Actually - I was obsessed with her glittery beanie! 

Number 5. Favourite Present

This year I got a car for my 21st birthday and my birthday is a few weeks before Christmas so I won't be expecting anything big! That was definitely my favorite present, I also got a laptop a few years ago which I was not expecting so that was lovely. When I was younger I was such a book worm and used to get so excited getting the collection of Harry Potter books or Lemony Snicket novels. I remember one year I got some sort of weird cat baby doll that I was OBSESSED with, and of course Baby Born even though they bought me a boy instead of a girl. 

Number 6. Favourite Festive Film

That's a tough one! I adore all of the Home Alone movies, Love Actually although I have watched it to death, the Grinch...I really like A Christmas Carol because it is about the true meaning of Christmas and makes you think about those less fortunate. We also always call my dad a Scrooge as usually he is the first to complain about us wanting to put the Christmas lights and tree up 'too early.' 

Number 7. Favourite Festive Cracker Toy

I like getting those plastic fish that you lay in your palm and whether the tail or the head moves it is supposed to tell you whether you are a fickle person or not...I'm a sucker for those things. 

Number 8. Favourite Cracker Joke

Ugh, just no. I hate cracker jokes they are so cringy, they are the type of jokes my Dad always makes that are only funny to him and no one else. I don't think I have ever heard a funny one.

Number 9. Favourite Christmas Decoration

All we have on our tree this year is lights, haven't got around to decorating it but I used to love all of the homemade decorations we used to have on it when I was a kid. My mam has really nice Newbridge Silverware decorations so I like those. We also have some gorgeous decorations from when we lived in Budapest, they are great for something different. 

10. Favourite Christmas Candle Scent

I adore any mulled wine, cinnamon ones. I have a cranberry and orange one which I love. I don't have a particular candle I always burn though, which I am surprised since I am a huge candle fan!

11. Favourite Christmas TV Advert

It has to be the Boots ad, where the mum who is a nurse comes off her late Christmas shift and its Stephens day but her daughter has come home to surprise her from travelling and all the family come over to make it Christmas day for her. I get a tear in my eye every time I see it. So cute!

12. Favourite Festive Tradition

Christmas Eve night - wrapping presents, visiting family, opening one present which is always cosy pjs and slippers and then heading to bed and the anticipation of Christmas Day. 

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