Wednesday, 10 December 2014

No7 Hydration Mask for Very Dry Skin


My skin was feeling in serious tlc the other day what with the biting wind and change in temperature winter is the time to start really looking after your skin. My Makeul was flaking off in dry patches and it just looks terrible, one of the girls at the no7 counter told me that my skin was probably dehydrated. 

Aside from getting the h20 into me, I decided to purchase the Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask from no7 for dry/very dry skin. I love how it looks in the bottle, all fluffy like marshmellows or something. I cleansed thoroughly before using this and then applied the mask all over my face. It's texture is like a thick cleanser. You are meant to wipe it off after ten minutes but I decided to leave it on all night as my skin was in particularly bad shape. It melted into my skin. Just showed how badly I needed it, you could see my skin practically drinking it up! 

The next day my skin felt smooth and soft and I have noticed also since I started using the Beautiful Skin moisturiser for dry skin my makeup has been applying and staying on a lot better. Watch out for those no7 vouchers and you will get €6.50 off skincare. This retails at €16.25. 

I'm a big fan of no 7 skincare and have been using this soft and soothed cleanser for years. It is ideal for sensitive skin. Give it a go! I don't think you will be disappointed...

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