Tuesday, 4 August 2015

First Impressions: Mane n Tail and Lee Stafford Haircare

I have been trying to grow my hair for years. Unfortunately due to a few hair mishaps over the years such as continuously colouring it myself and letting a friend bleach my hair it isn't in the greatest growing shape. A lot of what determines how fast your hair grows is down to genetics also so I can only do so much but when I heard about the hair miracles some girls had been having with the brand Mane n Tail I had to give it a go. 

These hair products are quite expensive but I said I would try them as I had heard so much hype around them. The whole marketing point is focused on thick, glossy hair like you see in some horses manes. 

I went for the Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner as I colour my hair (professionally these days) and I also bought the Hair Strengthener. The prices of this range vary widely across Boots and chemists but they average out between €6.99 or €8.75 a bottle so not cheap. THe hair strengthener was €13.99 and I will pre warn you that it does not smell very nice! 

I have been using the three products below for the past month I would say. Obviously I haven't noticed my hair shooting down Rapunzel style quite yet but my hair is softer and less knotty. I think it gets greasy less quickly also which is always a plus. 

I'll keep using these until they are finished and I think I just might repurchase them! The hair strengthener is going to last me months and months as a little goes a long way. You just spray it into damp hair and comb through. 

I also picked up this Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave in Treatment for Hair that never grows past a certain length. It claims to increase root productivity, I've only just tried this out today but it smells gorgeous and it seems to help your hair dry quicker. It's on offer at the moment for €11.33 reduced from €16.99. 

 I'll keep you posted on how I get in with this product. I picked this up in Boots as well and it's worth keeping your eye out for their 3 for 2 deals on Haircare as they can never seem to keep the Mane n Tail range in the shelves. 

If I'm being completely honest I don't think all the products in the world are going to give me the hair I want! I think hair extensions will be my next port of call, but I'm afraid they will damage and weaken my hair. I've heard good things about Platinum extensions and Great Lengths...anyone have any experience with these brands? I know they can be very expensive so ideally best priced! Leave any tips in the comments below, thanks xx


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