Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Penneys : What I Bought - Clothes, Makeup and Home Decor Haul

Ah Penney's...the place Irish girls dreams are made of. You can be a snob about it but Penneys really gives you the best bang for your buck in regards clothing, home decor and now makeup stocking bargain beauty hunter favourites Catrice and Essence. I couldn't resist a little splurge when I was in there recently and this is what I came away with...

Every blogger worth their salt has been commenting on Penneys latest homeware offerings, not only the bedclothes but the candles have been getting rave reviews. I avoided the salted caramel candle as it really is too sweet a scent for my taste and went for their cardamom and sage candle which has a lovely fresh scent. The holder and candle itself look so much more expensive and not like they are from Penneys at all! 

also picked up a pretty pink and taupe toned double duvet and pillowcase set, called Arctic Paisley. I couldn't resist the rose gold owl lights either. I seem to be a little bit obsessed with rose gold at the moment. 

Double duvet €16 // Tea Light Holder €3 // Cardomom and Sage candle €5 // Owl rose gold lights €4 (batteries not included) . 

I picked up a black and white longer length check shirt that I'm actually not quite sure about on and a body chain. The silver body chain had been reduced to only €2. 


Bit of a risqué photo but just wanted to show you what the chain looked like! The shirt cost €13, it's a bit of an odd fit so I might bring it back. 

I couldn't resist this super cute monkey emoji tshirt. To be honest I thought all the emoji tshirts and fashion was a bit overkill but the material of this tshirt was so soft and would look great with jeans so I couldn't resist. 


Emoji tshirt €8 

Last but not least I really had to pick up a new face powder. I have a habit of smashing any makeup I have that's in powder form so didn't want to buy anything expensive. I also didn't want anything to add colour to my face so I picked up the Catrice All Matt plus powder in Translucent which was only €3.99 so it won't be the end of the world if it ends up in the floor. 


Those were my buys for the day and for only €31.99 I feel like I got a lot for my money! I will be doing up my room soon and you will some of the home decor items featured and more I'm sure so keep an eye out. 

Will you be picking up any of the items I bought? Let me know in the comments below xx 


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  1. Loving the purchases! Those candles look fab


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