Thursday, 20 August 2015

Battle of the Bronzers: Spend or Save?

From contouring to strobing it's all about accentuating the shape of the face and my favourite product to do this with is a matte bronzer. 

I have two go to favourites - my MAC powder blush in Harmony and my Essence Sun Club bronzer in Natural. Both are at very different ends of the spectrum price wise so I'll break down what I think are the pros and cons in ea h of them. 

This matte bronzer is a brown toned shade which provides a natural looking contour without being on the orange red side of things. It can be quite hard to build up the contour and define the face so it takes a little bit longer to achieve the look you are going for but also will allow you to make the look as natural or as strong as you want. 

Price: €29.50 if I can remember correctly! 

This essence sun club bronzer is a firm favourite of mine. It's so cheap at only €4.49 and you get 15g of product compared to the mere 6g of product one Mac Harmony blush. I have repurchased this bronzer lots of times- I tend to smash it a lot! This is why I keep going back to it as at under a fiver you won't be too devastated if it breaks into pieces. It smells like gorgeous coconut and no the packaging isn't as sophisticated but it does the job. It is a little lighter and orange toned than Harmony however I don't think the difference is extreme. I'm not sure how clear you can see the swatches in the photo below. 

Overall I don't think I will repurchased MAC Harmony again just for the simple fact that I think the same look can be achieved for a tiny fraction of the price.

I think save definitely wins over spen in this case! Let me know your thoughts below xx

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