Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My Goals for 2016


I thought this was a particularly poignant quote as goal setting and working towards achieving those goals we all have in life: be it physical, monetary, relationship, emotional etc all require a change in our patterns of thought. It's about mind over matter to make a change. 

I saw this post at the start of January on Ursaula Walsh of Mom Fitness Diary's Instagram and I just thought it was a fantastic idea to break your goals up into different sections that affect different aspects of your life. 


What better way to declare your intention to the Universe than to write a blog post detailing your goals for the year? If that's not accountability than I don't know what is. Here goes!

The three things I want to achieve this year are...

1. Get my full driving licence - there is only so long you can drive around on a provisional for! 
2. Graduate from my degree in Media Management from DCU ( hopefully with a 2.1!) 
3. Live away from home even if it's only for a few months. 

The top three places I want to visit...


1. Switzerland - to see old friends I haven't seen in years 
2. Brussels - booked flights this evening! 
3. Amsterdam - in planning mode 

In Ireland

1. Belfast 
2. The Museum of Modern Art 
3. An extensive list of places recommended by Lovin' Dublin 

My three fitness goals...

1. Run a 5K straight through 
2. Start practicing yoga and or Pilates weekly.
3. Complete some sort of physical challenge ie climb a mountain or complete an obstacle course

My three bad habits to get rid of

1. Stop feeling inadequate - imposter syndrome pops its head up all the time especially when I get invited to fantastic lovely blog events - I often feel out of place, I need to just enjoy the moment! 

2. My disorganisation - I live in a chaotic mess half the time as I am quite an untidy person and it causes unnecessary stress in my life especially in my final year of college when I can never find things! 

3. Learn to switch off and put down the screen before sleepy time. 

Those are my own personal goals for 2016,  it's important to start with baby steps I guess and to figure out how you will achieve those goals. For example for running a 5K, I think I'll most likely start with the couch to 5k app as there is no way I am legging it out my door for a full no stopping to walk 5K run tomorrow morning. Baby steps and hopefully with a little push everything will fall into place. 

What are your goals for 2016? Do you think this is a good way of setting yourself personal goals? 
Let me know in the comments below.


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