Friday, 1 January 2016

TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer Review

Since I was first introduced to the glorious shimmer of the Mary Lou Manizer highlighter by beauty brand theBalm I have lived by the above quote. This is the one beauty product I have worn that I have gotten a serious amount of compliments about! Whenever I wear this highlighter I am constantly asked what it is and complimented on it so this definitely wins one of my top products of 2015. I work in the beauty & fragrance retail sector so coming from the girls I work with who are always immaculately made up and know their stuff about beauty products is is definitely a one to buy on the beauty wishlist. 


My favourite place to use this highlighter is down the bridge of my nose, on my cheekbones, on my chin and my forehead - so basically everywhere! Strobing is being toted as the new contouring and you can see why, it just instantly perfects the skin and makes it look flawless by reflecting the light. No dark shadows here! 


It also gives you those much longed for cheekbones, and distracts attention away from that Christmas double chin I've been violently contouring into oblivion! 


It's such a fantastic product at a great price point of €20.50 and available on . 
TheBalm highlighter also comes in two different shades, a pinky toned highlighter probably more similar to Mac Soft and Gentle as opposed to this champagne hue and a shade to suit more caramel toned ladies. There is something for everyone and since switching to this highlighter from the Holy Grail highlighter for many people Mac Soft and Gentle I can safely say I won't be persuaded back. 

You need a light hand to apply this product, you can use your fingers or a fluffy brush to apply to the skin after your foundation and setting powder to give that glow. 

What do you think of theBalm Mary Lou Manizer? Will you be purchasing it? Have you tried any of the other theBalm products? I'm always looking for recommendations! 
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