Saturday, 23 January 2016

What I'm Watching...

If you're looking for something to watch this weekend be it on Netflix or through other nefarious and questionable screening methods look no further as I've kindly compiled a list of what I'm loving lately.

Broad City is a recent discovery of mine and I cannot get enough of it. The third season is back on February 17 and I'm one and a half seasons in after less than a week already. It's super easy to watch, episodes are only 21 minutes long so you can quite easily get through an entire season in one very chill weekend. It's about two twenty something friends living in New York and all sorts of vaguely mortifying and hilarious things happen to them. The script is spot on and they are two girls that are very easily identified with. I think every girl who watches this will want a friendship like Abbie's and Ilana's...we're talking no holds barred here.

Peaky Blinders is another prime example of a season that I was absolutely bet into over the last few weeks. You can view this on Netflix and while the subject matter may be a little intense for Netflix and chill purposes it is a must watch. It's set in 1920s England, predominantly Birmingham and focuses on illegal bookmaking, IRA tensions and a lot of violence with a bizarre love triangle thrown in. Seriously it might sound a bit random but its definitely worth the watch and for every girl who loves a bad boy Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy is perfect for you. Episodes are an hour long but there are only six episodes in each season so twelve hours of viewing is certainly a possibility over the weekend if you are up to not much else or simply procrastinating from an assignment. Peaky Blinders season 3 has commenced filming and is rumoured to be back on screen sometime in mid to late 2016.

So kick back and relax and take your pick - whether you want a laugh or something a little bit more serious there are two possibilities up there for you.

Any Netflix or otherwise recommendations for me leave them below...



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  1. I clicked into this instantly, from Bloglovin, when I saw the pic of Abbi and Ilana! :D Broad City is one of my favs! I actually just commented on your questions tag which I just done the other day myself and mention Broad City in it! Haha! :D

    I've yet to see Peaky Blinders though but have been meaning to for a long time! Tom Hardy tho :P


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