Monday, 25 November 2013

How to: Create a Smoky Eye

Purple smoky eye, opaque base and nude glossy lips
Products I used:
Base: MUA Shade 1 Matte foundation applied with a flat foundation brush
Contour: ELF Blush & Contour kit in Light
Eyes: Collection gel liner in Black
Sleek vintage romance eyeshadow in Honeymoon in Hollywood
MUA matte black shade
MUA extreme volume mascara in black
Inglot soft precision liner in black
Lips: Catrice Ultimate Colour 010 nude lipstick and nude lipgloss
Method of application:
1. Apple base as normal. This look is for a night out so a cream based foundation is recommended as it will give heavier coverage. The goal is to create an opaque finish yet not make it look like the makeup is caked on. A smoky eye needs perfect seamless skin.
2. Next step is contouring.


To contour simply follow this tutorial on Kimmy K. The white areas are where you take  a lighter foundation or conealer, the darker areas are where you take your sculpting cream.  Mainly contour under the cheekbones. You can do this with a matte brown bronzer or a contour cream. It really makes your cheekbones stand out.
3. The eyes! The most important feature of this look. There will be a lot of fall out due to heavy eyeshadow so you may want to do the eyes first before the base. If not, fold up a tissue and hold in place under the eye so you don't ruin your perfect base!
  • Fill the eye in with your gel liner into a semicircle never go above the crease. It should look like this:

The liner will provide something for the shadow to grip onto, and it is a quick way of building up into a smoky eye if you don't have the time to layer and layer.
  • Then, take your purple shimmery shadow or whichever shade you want to be your pop of colour and press onto the lid taking it above the crease.
  • Blend it out with your matte black shadow to get that smoked out look.
  • Then taking a pencil brush fluff your eyelashes on the bottom with some dark matte brown, and follow on with gel liner on your inner rims.
  • Squeeze eyelids together to smudge.
  • Then simply mascara those lashes and your eyes are good to go!
4. Lightly apply some foundation onto the lips. The taking a good amount of your nude lipstick, blot, reapply, blot, reapply, and add some gloss!
5. Apply some powder for staying power and voila! :)
Hope you enjoyed recreating your smoky eye
Keep on blogging it beautiful

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