Thursday, 20 February 2014

Makeup Musthaves #BOBBlogChallenge

The third week of the #BOBBlogChallenge is to blog about our favourite makeup must-haves, and Jeebus did I have a hard time narrowing it down! I actually took a photo of my entire makeup kit and then thought nah, better just stick to the essentials!
Check out Samantha, at it is her who had the genius idea of this blogging challenge. You can read other bloggers Makeup must-haves this week by following the Twitter hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge. The first week we were fourth trending in Ireland. Yup yup! #twittafame You can also follow me on Twitter @KjWheelo
I digress, so lets get on to the good stuff! Obviously this doesn't include foundation, but its a given that that is an essential, so here are my top miracle products that I couldn't do without as an extra to my basics! :)
Skinfinish Soft & Gentle, MAC
This wonder product just adds that extra depth and definition to your face when you are highlighting and shading. It adds a gorgeous glow to your face, flat skin is out, so get your grubby paws on a highlighter, quick smart.
MUA matte palette and angled brush
I am a fiend for matte shadows as they have so many uses! This palette is fab as the shadows give great colour, last well and it is so cheap :) Check out
I use the light and dark brown shades on my eyebrows with the angled brush, and I also use the neutral shades to create a contoured eye. So versatile! When I'm doing my brows I just spritz the brush with a water spray as it can look a little powdery otherwise.
Laura Mercier hydrating primer
This is my luxury primer, but I am actually loving Nivea's hydrating primer a little bit more. A primer is just a makeup must have to keep that makeup on all day, smooth the skin, and bring your skin back to its preferable ph.
Carmex, because a girl has just gotta have some balm! My lips get awful chapped, and this lipbalm is in every makeup bag I own!
Catrice Sun Glow Matte Bronzing powder (Medium skin)
I love a bronzer to add some colour to the face and sculpt the temples, cheekbones, jawline and chin! Just adds so much more definition to your face and it makes a huge difference. A matte bronzer is a must in my books! Catrice makes such fabulous makeup at such affordable prices so where would you be going! :)
LancĂ´me Hypnose mascara
I almost forgot about it as I only have a sample size of it at the moment, but this is my mascara of the month, possibly year. It gives fantastic, thick black opaque lashes, and it doesn't flake off like other mascaras I have tried. 'Nuff said.
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  1. I've quite fancied trying the Laura Mercier primer for a while, but a primer is something I'm just not sure if I can justify a high end price for when there are so many cheaper alternatives! Great post! :)


    1. Then you should definitely try nivea's offering i am favouring it over Laura merciers now :) x

  2. I totally forgot about MUA palettes, they are so cheap!

  3. Ooooh Lancome Hypnose Mascara is on my list! Can't wait to try it now! x

  4. I don't have any MAC products but I have that MUA palette and its lovely! But it doesn't beat my Sleek Palettes!

  5. That skinfinish powder from MAC really sounds interesting, it's been ages since I've been to the MAC counter maybe it's time.

  6. oh i have been looking at the Laura Mericer primer for a while now. I need to buy it. I also love Mac soft and gentle. I am on my second one at this stage


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