Saturday, 15 February 2014

Penneys Bargains Haul: What I bought for €20

Hello ladies! Today on the blog I decided to share my Penneys haul :) 
I am in love with Penneys you can go in with less than twenty euro and come out with lots of lovely girlie bits!

1. Long sleeved top (Blush pink) €6
Picked this up because I fell in love with the slogan "Enjoy the little things." It kinda goes with the whole positive mental attitude and random act of kindness thought process. Also spied a lovely one wit It's a beautiful day emblazoned across it :)

2. Penneys nails €1.50
Love the selection of false nails that they have in at the moment. They have everything from cupcakes, bows, hearts, leopard print and neon nails. Go in and grab a pair, the glue they come with is so strong and they can last up to 2 weeks :)

3. Catrice gel liner precision brush €2.79
This liner brush is double sided, angled brush on one end and a precision liner brush on the other end, it is super cheap and hopefully works well as I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. 

4.Catrice Apropos Apricot defining blush €3.99
Again, haven't had a chance to test this yet but Catrice blushes come highly recommended by my makeup tutor and any girls with redness in their cheeks should try out apricot or coral blushes, and avoid pink toned blushes. 

5. Stellar magazine €1.95 & Hair clips €1.50
Stellar for a great read, and hair clips because they are just damn handy!

Total: €17.73

I'll set you a challenge...see what you can pick up for 20 euro next time you are in Penneys :) Leave me links to what you bought below! :) errryboday loves a good Penneys bargain


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