Monday, 10 February 2014

Positive Mental Attitude : Get one here!

"Clap along, if you feel like happiness is the truth."
You can choose to be happy. A lot of people myself included can suffer from low moods or depression at certain times in their lives, even us girls can PMS so bad you would think it was the end of the world. All those hormones going crazy are bound to leave us not knowing which way is up.
I find sometimes when I am feeling down in the dumps, that I just want to sulk and make my bad mood worse without any real reason. It's time to stop that and Get Happy.
February 6th marked National Time to Talk Day. It is about creating awareness of mental health problems and helping people to come out of their shell more and not be afraid to voice how they are feeling.
It doesn't have to need a day dedicated to it however. Pop the kettle on, bake a nice cake and sit down to have a chat with your nearest and dearest. We can often forget in this world that it is not just us who our moods affect. Other people can hide how they are feeling an awful lot and the simple question, "How are you feeling?" Can spark a torrent of emotion that they had been putting a wall up around for so long.
Suicide rates have gone through the roof lately and I think it is because we are all trapped in a bubble of social media addiction and are forgetting how to actually connect and talk to other people one on one.
Back away from the screens, log out of your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, turn off the laptop and TV, take out those headphones and start interacting with people in real life.
I felt the need to write this post after the recent Neknominations. I hate how they encouraged alcohol abuse and the need to "better" the person before, which led to people necking pints of spirits and subsequently losing their lives.
A recent thing we bloggers have been trying to promote is RAKNomination, or random act of kindess, I feel that in order to promote positivity why not do a random act of kindness unto one another and praise each other for being nice instead of downing pints and completing stupid dares. It says a lot about our culture that Neknominations spread faster than Raknominations, but I hope this post will get #rak out there.
A #rak can be anything like paying for someones busfare/toll/coffee, helping someone with their bags/shopping, stopping to chat with someone who you never usually talk to, or donating clothes to charity. A random act of kindness can be as small or as big as you want and I hope by reading this post you would like to do a good deed too.
Another positive entity that has sprung from neknominations is nekdonate. It is about donating blood. Ireland has a serious lack of blood available for transfusions at the moment. You never know whose life you could save by giving blood now.
I am an extremely squeamish person and have a horrible phobia of needles so I think I will stick to my Raknominations for now! ;)
Tips on how to have a positive mental attitude:
  • Forget past mistakes
  • Accept what you cannot change
  • Write down five things you are grateful for everyday for 21 days
  • Learn how to meditate to de-stress
  • Remember: worrying is a waste of energy
Get out there and get running. Exercise releases endorphins, known as serotonin the happy hormone and it is the best antidote to feeling low. A good laugh and of course some tea and chocolate never hurt either.
If I am feeling down I like to put my runners on and go for a brisk walk or a run if I am feeling up to it, when it is just you, the fresh air and the outside world it helps put things into perspective and gives you time and space to think.
A happy playlist, a list of songs that always put you into a good mood is a great place to start, and of course Pharrell Williams Happy is first on my list!
Like attracts like, so surround yourself with positivity and like my Mammy always says, "Nothing seems as bad after a good nights sleep!"
Have a lovely day :)

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