Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Update on my Makeup Course

Not a very catchy title I must admit but it serves a purpose! Anyways guys if you didn't know I am studying ITEC in Makeup Artistry at night in Clane, Co.Kildare.
I did a post already here but this post is an update on my course :)

My tutor is Niamh Martin of and I am also studying journalism full time during the day in Ballyfermot College.

I am nearing the end of my ITEC course and while I have enjoyed every minute of it I will be glad to be finished and qualified as it is a lot more work than you would think combining a full time course during the day and a night course, at night, well obviously. ;) 

My ITEC which stands for International Therapy Examinations Council exams, will take place in early March and we have two exams. 

One is a one hour written exam about colour theory, face shapes, cosmetic science, contraindications (things that prevent you from applying makeup like skin diseases and disorders).

The next exam is a half hour practical exam where we must do a full cleanse, tone and moisturise, and apply a day makeup to a model while being examined.

If you are interested in studying makeup artistry studying Art in school can be very helpful, as can biology I would assume as there is a bit of science involved. I am actually really interested in the cosmetic science part of my course as its great to know what is in your makeup!

The third part of my exam is a portfolio. This portfolio must contain client consultations, face charts, product lists and of course photographs. Two photographs of each client, there must be five, and there must be a before, with no makeup on, and an after with whichever look you were going for.

We have to do a day, evening, and a bridal look and can choose the last two ourselves, so I will be doing a mature makeup and a special occasion makeup.

If you are interested in doing a makeup artistry course I would recommend you do the ITEC course because you will have a qualification and gain knowledge about skin care, cosmetic science and skin disorders at the same time so you will be more qualified.

You can search for courses here :)

If you want to know what every beginner makeup artist should have in her kit, click

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