Monday, 26 May 2014

Magazines Versus Blogging

This weeks #LetsTalkBlogChallenge post is entitled Magazines Versus Blogging.

My first opinion that came to mind when I thought of the two were that I love blogging but I also love the physical holding a magazine in hand and having a read. One thing I have noticed lately is I buy my usual monthly or fortnightly mag, settle down excitedly to read it...aaaaand I'm bored. Blogging is so instant. We get other women or mens opinions on products, places to go, see, eat that reading a magazine that relies heavily on its advertisers doesn't seem so real any more.

I would prefer to boost someone's views and profile of a blogger who doesn't get paid for what they do, someone who merely has a passion for it and puts in time researching and writing their posts than pay for a magazine that pays the salary of a 'writer' who is merely churning out re-written versions of beauty press releases or advertorials. I never thought I would say it as I am studying print journalism myself in college, but print is getting tired. We are living in a digital age which means we have all the latest gossip, and trends at our fingertips so we don't really need to buy a magazine to read about Kimye or Kate and Wills as we have already seen the 'news' online.

When I first started studying journalism last September our lecturer asked us did we think print would ever completely take over digital forms of writing. I said no and argued my point with vehemence. After all print journalism is the career path I am following. I have changed my mind to a 180 degree however since then. I feel if a magazine solely relies on print it will die a quick death. I also believe that I would never read an e-version of a magazine. That's why I prefer blogging as it is easier to weed out what you actually want to read and find out about. You can type a few words in a search engine online and be transported to a specific blog review.

Bloggers also definitely have product power now. There has been many's a time when I went out and bought a product because another blogger recommended it, this is something I would be slow to do if a magazine on the other hand recommended it.

All in all, I favour blogging but do like the familiar way of holding a magazine in your hand and curling up for a read with a cup of tea and chocolate. After all I think we all do already spend far too much time with our head stuck in our phones and laptops that we should give it a break and let paper win once and awhile. :)

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  1. I know what you mean about taking a break from the screens which is why I'm trying to read at night-time to give my eyes a break! xxx

    1. I always feel like I can't switch off if I'm always on my phone before bed xx

  2. Definitely spend too much time with our heads stuck in our phones and/or laptop. Totally agree about curling up on the couch with a mag. I said the exact same thing! lol
    Rach Xx

  3. I also included that I love the physical feel of a magazine but as you said, you can get bored easily and just end up flicking through pages, not really taking anything in as there's so many ads and you lose the sense of realness. I definitely think bloggers have power and I'm always looking up reviews before purchasing a new beauty product.


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