Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Lipstick Addict Tag

1) Favourite balm/treatment?

Cicaplast Baume from La Roche Posay is the last word in hydration for dry lips. I picked up a huuuuge tube in my local chemists for about a tenner and it will certainly last me a year or more. It is like giving your lips a big drink of water, it provides instant hydration and as a bonus it is a soothing repair balm for your face or hands too!

2)Best eye-catching red?

I usually swear by Rio Rio from Topshop, a matte orangey-red but I guess you could say I haven't found my perfect red lippy yet. I also like Scarlet Siren by MUA. A matte red is definitely my fave, otherwise stuff gets too messy! 

3) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore?

The only "high end" lippies I have tried are MAC, I'm not a makeup snob by any means and to be honest I prefer drugstore lippies for longer lasting qualities over MAC anyday! I am in love with Catrice, as a drugstore lippy. 

4) Best MAC Lipstick?

Creme Cup

I have a couple of MAC lippies, my fave for an everyday nudey pink lip would be Créme Cup. I am loving Fanfare though at the moment it is a gorgeous coral shade very flattering on everyone.

5) The most disappointing?

I normally LOVE Catrice lippies but I picked up a creamy red lippy, I think it was called Red Card. it was a gorgeous true red colour but it just slipped right off my lips making me look more Hallowe'en than Hollywood!

6) Liner - yes or no?

Since I trained as a makeup artist I am a huge advocate of wearing lip liner. It makes your lips look luscious and defined, makes my lipstick last longer and even if it does wear off it won't look as bad if you fill your entire lips in with the liner beforehand. 

Tip: When applying liner first line the middle of the bottom lip, then the cupids bow and then join the lines. Fill in the two outer corners and then apply lip product. 

7) Best gloss?

I personally don't really wear gloss but if I was too it would be a nude pink or a peach gloss. I once again love Catrice, and also NYC for their glosses as they are cheap and cheerful. 

Tip: Buy a tube of clear gloss - then you can wear it over any lippie to make the finish a glossy finish! Or mix it with any lipstick to customise your lipgloss shade. 

8) Something extra?

I think before you apply liner or lipstick first pat your lips with concealer, not too much just the ends of your foundation brush. This will give a great neutral base to work on and make your lipstick last longer. If you want a tint, apply lipstick then folding a tissue in half like they did old school style go mwaah onto the tissue, it will take the excess off. You can also dab lippy on with your ring finger for a more natural look. I'm normally not a fan of lip stains though as they seriously do just that - stain! I also prefer a more defined precision look with my makeup. 


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