Thursday, 29 May 2014

Penney's Beauty Buys

Primark or Penney's as it is more affectionately known as on our little green isle has really stepped up it beauty game of late. I can't go in there without picking up one or two beauty bits as you can see above!

Their false eyelashes in Sultry are definitely a new favourite of mine and at the tiny price of €1.50 they are fantastic value!They don't fall off or feel plasticky like most cheap lashes and you can definitely get more than one wear out of them if you don't misplace them that is!

I also picked up their beauty blender. It also cost €1.50 and I decided to try it out as the latest piece of 'technology' if you will in makeup seems to be these beauty blenders with the real techniques one being the most famous.

You are meant to dampen the sponge, this will cause it to increase in size. You then use a blotting or stippling motion to build up coverage. I have to say though - I am not impressed! Yes it barely cost a thing, but it does nothing! Unless you want extremely light sheer coverage there is no point in using this sponge.

That's my latest Penney's or Primark beauty round up :) Let me know what you think if you have tried either of these products in the comments!

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