Friday, 30 May 2014

The Beauty Essentials To Get Your Body Beach Ready

It's important in the summer sun when all your bits that aren't normally on show are exposed to look and feel your best. Most of our skin will be dehydrated and lacklustre after being hidden away all winter and most of spring so it's time to literally SPRING CLEAN you beach bod.

Let's start from the head and work our way down. Your gruaig is your crowning glory so it is important to keep it looking sleek, and protected in the summer sun. My hair is looking rather frazzled lately but with the delivery of the Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner from Aussie, I hope to tame it come my holliers.

I will be using the 3 Minute Miracle treatment to try pump some moisture into my over processed locks. Just run this heavenly smelling treatment all through your dry hair, wrap it up in a plastic bag or those shower caps you get from hotels and wrap a towel around it to push the temperature up. Leave for 3 minutes like it says on the tin, rinse and shampoo. As Aussie says, "There is more to life than hair but it is a great place to start!"

Next up is getting our skin in great shape. Drinking lots of water will get your skin hydrated from within, it is also a good idea to invest in a great exfoliator as the sun cream just might clog up your pores. I've been using the SPARITUAL Organic Sugar Scrub which I did a review about here.
I also have a dead sea mud wrap that I will be trying out which I think is still available in Tiger Stores at the moment.
 You can't forget about a summer mani. Here are some of the gorgeous colours I am loving for summer be it bright and summery or cool pastel shades. Both go great with a tan.

I would recommend getting your feet in good condition
before slipping on those sandals by soaking your feet in a strong thick moisturiser, wrapping them in plastic bags and leaving it on to soak in for at least fifteen minutes. Then attack your feet with a Pedi Egg for super soft tootsies!
And there you have it head to toe your beach body essentials! I won't include hair removal as we all have our own ways of doing things, but ladies don't forget! ;-)
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