Thursday, 3 July 2014

~Makeup Artist Tips & Tricks~

Hi girls, as you may or may not know I am a qualified makeup artist or MUA as they are known as. I completed the ITEC earlier this year and I trained with Niamh Martin, she is an amazing makeup artist and she now has her own makeup brush brand, Nima brush!

I just decided I would do this little post to offer up some tips and tricks I have learnt from my 'little' obsession with makeup! So here it goes...

  • Dark Circles - So you look like you've just gone three rounds with Mike Tyson after a night out hey? Don't worry all you need is a peach concealer to mask those blue circles! The colour wheel best explains how this works but basically red cancels out blue so a peachy/orange toned concealer will do a fab job of getting those peepers looking back to fabulous
  • Redness/Rosacea - I suffer from this myself and I am slowly learning how to work with it in makeup. I don't like to mask my skin, in fact I lean towards a more natural look with makeup. I use a green colour corrector - Dermalogica or No7 do a great one - then if I am using blush I used an apricot toned one as a pink blush would just make me look like a tomato! Yellow concealers also work well at covering redness as like green they are in the cool colour family.
  • Fine lines - Many women suffer from lines around their mouth. Taking a light reflecting concealer and drawing over these lines will deflect the dark shadows, brighten the area and make them disappear. Magic!
This is just a little short post to start off, but I will hope to be turning this into a weekly or monthly series answering any questions I am asked makeup/beauty/skincare related.

If you want your question answered leave a comment below or email me at with Beauty Q&A in the subject line.

Le grĂ¡,  

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