Friday, 15 August 2014

REVIEW: Spirit Spa Waterford

No, the above pic isn't me but it mimics exactly how I felt at the very capable hands of Jade from Spirit Spa in Waterford city. I stayed in Treacy's hotel last week for a few nights and myself and my mum decided to book ourselves in for one of the Spirit August Specials! We both went for the taster facial, back neck and shoulder massage and tension relief scalp massage. This package was €50 and was very worth it!

The relaxation suite at Spirit Spa is incredibly relaxing, I would love the decor even for my own bedroom! Lovely leather couches with snuggly blankets to wrap yourself up in whilst you sip a choice of their herbal teas and relax in the candle light with a magazine. They also had a choice of juices and fruit available, which is just what gives it the day spa vibes. 

I was in bad need of a massage according to Jade! I was too much of a baby for the deep tissue massage on my lower back however, so she worked out the knots in my shoulders which can be apparently caused by stress, or even carrying your handbag on the one shoulder all the time! The lovely hot mitts put on your feet immediately relax you and settle you in for the massage. 

This was also my first time to get a facial. I chatted through most of it with Jade so didn't experience the relaxing benefits - my own fault - but I think it helped to bring out a spot I had harbouring!

All in all, it was a very relaxing experience and I would most definitely recommend Spirit Spa if you are from Waterford or visiting the area. The girls in there are extremely capable and absolutely lovely! 

You can check out the Spirit Spa website here 


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