Monday, 4 August 2014

Tips for Occasion Makeup

I'm sure plenty of you lucky ladies will be attending a fancy occasion be it a wedding, debs,ball or even just a bank holiday weekend blowout! These are my top tips for occasion make up, how to make it stay the distance and how to give your face that polished look. 

Setting Spray - If you haven't tried one of these babies yet I strongly urge you do. The Urban Decay all nighter spray is my setting spray of choice. It will keep your make-up on your face all night long. Who has time for those touch ups when there are shapes to be thrown?? 

Contouring - If you are at a special occasion all dolled up guaranteed you are going to be taking lots of 'shameless' selfies. Contouring, highlighting and shading all play an important part in adding shape and definition to that pouting face. 

Highlighting and shading creates the illusion of cheekbones, and a sculpted jawline. 

Flash photography can make your face look flat, so by running a matte bronzer lightly under your cheekbones, adding some blush on the cheeks and a shimmer on the cheekbones you can create a gorgeous shape and lift. 

Lashes - Lots and lots of lashes! False lashes add a gorgeous touch of drama and in my opinion are a must have for any sort of special occasion. I know a lot of girls find them so tricky to apply or think they can look draggish the trick is finding the right pair.

A lot of cheaper brands are very plasticky this makes them harder to apply and stick to your natural lash line. My favourite brands are eyelure and Ardell. They are the best quality lashes and you can re-use the! Just clean the old glue off with some cleanser on a cotton bud. 

I love demi wispies. They are the perfect cross between drama without being drag. They also add length and volume and are lovely and thick. 

The more 'expensive' brands also come on an invisible band so they are easier to blend and look more natural. 

Tips to applying falsies:

1. Measure! Line them up against your eyes and snip them if they are too long. 
2. Apply the glue to the whole band sparingly and wait thirty seconds. 
3. line the lashes up against your lashline and press down gently with your eyes closed for about thirty seconds. 

Lip liner  - A good lip liner can make all the difference to the definition and shape you give to your lips and also to the longevity of your lipstick. Use a shade close to your natural lip colour if your a first timer. Line the bottom lip in the middle first. Then line the top of the cupids bow, a steady hand is a must. Fill in the lip to make your lippy last longer. 

Powder -

Is obviously of extreme importance to the staying power of your foundation but also to your lipstick! After applying your lippy, blot so it stains, reapply, and then holding a fine piece of tissue paper over your lips go over them with a light dusting of powder. Perfecto!

Hopefully these tips help some of you on your nights out!! Enjoy xx



  1. I want to try the urban decay setting spray, it seems amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Hey katie i have never tried that urban decay setting spray, i use the the de slick setting spray i find it really good. I have nominated you for the liebster award check out my post all about it

    Chloe x

  3. My housemate lives by the Urban Decay setting spray - it works so well! I always put a layer of lipstick, powder, and then another layer of lipstick on top. It really makes the difference on a night out. It's such a cheap and easy thing to do as well!

    Rachael at


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