Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry face mask

Apologies for my terrifying appearance ladies but it was all in the name of research! 

I picked up the Very Berry face mask by Montagne Jeunesse in Penneys yesterday, retailing at €1.35. I think these used to cost 99 c or they are 99p in the UK anyways as far as I know and probably also available in Primark ;) 

The mask is made with cranberries and blueberries and smells DIVINE. Literally smells like the most gorgeous smoothie ever although I wouldn't try tasting it! The mask is meant to moisturise, cleanse and rejuvenate which is just what I needed after a very tiring day trawling around the shops.


I cleansed my skin and smoothed the cream over my skin, then left it on for 15 minutes. Apart from a few funny looks from the fam, all went well with the mask. I didn't feel the tightness I normally feel with face masks. Off it came with hot water and cotton wool. My skin did feel a bit dry which kind of defeating the purpose of the mask but felt really clean and looked refreshed. I popped on a bit of moisturised, massaged it into my skin and my quick fix pampering was complete! 

Have you used these masks before? What did you think of them? Comment below!  Leace any recommendations also :) xx


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