Saturday, 20 September 2014

Wet n wild nail polish and Catrice Gel Look Topcoat Review


Shiny gel look nails with a cheap price tag are hard to come by and I had high hopes for this catrice gel like shine topcoat. At only €2.99 it was a steal, and maybe for that price tag I was expecting to much. I wanted to invest in the nude nail trend when I bought this Wet n Wild nail polish, but obviously me and nudes aren't meant to be! This is a gorgeous neon pink colour, called Dreamy Poppy. 

I was happy with the initial look of my nails. They were, bright, they were shiny and glossy and I suppose they gave that gel like shine. 


But that's where I come to the end of the positives about these two products. There was no lasting power at all. Even with a topcoat on my nail polish chipped after THREE days. It even started peeling off in one layer, it was so strange. 


It wasn't a pretty sight. So if your lookingfor shiny looking nails that last three days tops, then by all means buy the topcoat but apart from that it gets a thumbs down. I love the wet n wild colour, and will be testing it by itself to see if it proves any better! I bought these two in the beauty section in Penneys if you want to give them a go! 

Have you tried any gel shine top coats? Any recommendations? Leave them in e comments below :) 


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