Sunday, 28 December 2014

My New Years Beauty Resolutions

1. To deep condition my hair once a week

After years of highlighting and colouring my hair it's dry and damaged and never grows last a certain length so I have made a resolution to deep condition it and give it a hair mask and some much needed moisture boost once a week. My poor hairdresser has her heart broke telling me to condition it, so I may as well start sometime! 

Anyone tried the Aussie 3 minute miracle for coloured hair? 

2. To start taking Perfectil

Perfectil is a vitamin for hair, skin and nails. It's supposed to make hair grow quicker than normal too and I have had a months supply of these for ages so I'm going to start taking these and see if they have any effects before I consider extensions! You take one tablet once a day with your evening meals. Folic acid is supposed to be great as well as zinc for encouraging hair growth. 


3. Moisturise, exfoliate and tan! 

I've been lucky to have been gifted loads of lovely tans and body butters this year. I love having a golden glow, and lovely soft, smooth skin it makes such a difference to your mood when you have a tan so I'm going to tan up once a week at least. 

So there you have it, there are three new beauty things I am going to commit to every week. It's such a shame to see all these lovely products put to waste so I will be making the most of them and sticking to my resolutions once a week. Fingers crossed by the end of it I will have long silky hair and smooth tanned skin - sure I'll be only gorgeous... Haha cringe! 

One more big change I will be making is embarking on a six week body transformation which will involve a health eating and exercise plan I will be sure to keep you all posted on my progress! 

That's all for now ladies, 

Keep on blogging it beautiful




  1. I tried Perfectil for a few months but found no difference, but its different for everyone. I have started tanning once a week too, makes me look so much healthier! The 1hr tan is a good send. Also much start with the hair mask, Im awful for that! Great post x

    1. I have used it before and didn't really notice a difference but a girl I know used it and her hair grew like a weed! I suppose it just affects people differently...did my first hair mask today! I used one from Penneys, a yellow packet with orange writing made of shea butter made my hair feel lovely and smooth :) I know what you mean about the tan, everyone looks better with one! Thanks a mill Leanne for reading and taking the time to comment x


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