Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The beginning of my Slimming World journey

Last week I took the plunge and decided to join Slimming World. Having recently moved house, leaving my gym behind I had fallen into bad eating habits and I really wanted to make a change. 

I was looking around for classes and it just so happened someone mentioned a class on that evening at 5.30 and I just said right it's either now or never. If I had said to myself oh I'll wait til tomorrow one more time I know I would never have joined. 

A week on and I had my first weigh in tonight! I lost two and a half pounds which I am absolutely over the moon and delighted with. The Slimming World (SW) plan is relatively simple to follow. You have your speed foods ie certain fruit and veg that will speed up your weightloss lie melon or strawberries etc and your free foods like meat, fish, pasta, rice and potatoes. Yes! You CAN have carbs. Hallelujah. You also have your Healthy Extra A and B or hex a and hex b for short which can be something like 330 ml soya milk and two slices of Brennan's be good bread. 

Then you have your 'syns'. You have 5-15 a day that can be used on chocolate, crisps and also boring stuff like butter or sweet chilli sauce which has to be counted which is unfortunate as I like sweet chilli sauce on everything! 

I won't lie, I did slip up a couple of times the first week like not counting a few syns here and there, going a bit mad on the drinks one of the nights and also having a mc Donald's breakfast roll but I can safely say 95% of the week I followed it to a T. One of the most vital points of the plan is making sure you have a third of 'speed' foods ie fruit and veg with every meal as this will fill you up and of course make sure you are hurting your nutritional targets. 

I have really enjoyed cooking new meals and trying out slimming world versions of favourited such as the 'spice bag' and slimming world chips. I also made my own version of banofee pie, a salmon curry and healthy SW breakfasts like you can see in the photos below. 

I'm feeling super motivated tonight and hopefully that continues in the weeks ahead! 

I will be blogging here on recipes I have tried and on my progress. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. 


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