Monday, 14 October 2013

Have you tried the Paleo way? Eat like a caveman

The paleo diet is the hot new diet of the moment and it is one diet fad that I have actually looked into and think it makes sense.

So many diets are about restricting your calorie intake or cutting out food groups. The paleo diet is all about getting back to our roots and how we used to eat before food became so over processed.

I will tell you right now, grains and dairy are a no-no on the paleo diet.
Half of the worlds population is supposed to be lactose intolerant and as someone who has had on-off stomach problems I have often put it down to dairy, or predominantly milk.

The science behind the no dairy rule is that essentially out bodies are not designed to break down milk past infancy. If we look to other mammals for example, no other species drink milk past infancy.

The same is true with grains, or carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. We once subsisted off meat and vegetables but now our diet is made up of grains.

Carbohydrates contain such high levels of sugar that when not used they break down into fat. We eat carbs for energy, but if you aren't following an extremely athlethic exercise plan, our bodies have no need and can get all the carbs we need from meat, veg and sweet potatoes.

So many of our health problems, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and fatigue are caused by irritations from certain foods in our diet. Click here for some information

I have a previous blog post from when I decided to go gluten free. I'll admit right now that it didn't last beyond a week. Our bodies become addicted to the gluten in food so we have to wean ourselves off it.

Celebrities such as Holly Carpenter follow the paleo plan and you only have to look at what shape she is in to motivate you to do the same.  

This website is great for recipes, and even if you aren't going to cut grains and dairy from your diet, they sound positively mouthwatering!!

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