Friday, 4 October 2013

Nima brush and Nima mitt review

I just started doing a makeup course, which I absolutely love btw, and I decided that I had to invest in some decent quality brushes as I hope to go on to do freelance work as a makeup artist. Watch this space!

We are so lucky to have our fab tutor Niamh Martin, she has taught at both Portobello Institute and LA Makeup. On top of all this, the busy bee has been formulating a range of makeup brushes. There is a 12 piece Elite Professional Collection and a 12 piece  Essential Sunshine Collection, as you see above my beautiful bright cylinder containing all the essential brushes!

The brushes are made of different grades of hair, for example goat and horse hair. There are also synthetic hair brushes such as the duo fibre. The reason for the different hair types of brushes depends on the product you are meant to be using them with.

For example, you would use a synthetic duo fibre brush for liquids, as they pick up a lot of product. Whereas you would not want to use the same brush for blusher and bronzer as you would ideally like to build up on the colour and not just deposit a huge amount of product on the skin!

There is a new type of foundation brush on the market called the kabuki brush, and this is a great tool as it really buffs the foundation into the skin for that long lasting look.

You can buy all these brushes at 

The brushes feel like great quality and I can't wait to start using them all. I have used the duo fibre, blusher and bronzer brush and while a few hairs have shed this is supposed to be natural as the brushes are handmade.

My other purchase was the Nima Mitt. This is great if, like in a makeup course, you are applying, taking off and reapplying makeup. Consistent use of face wash products would just strip the skins natural oils and damage the pH balance. Instead you can use the Nima Mitt!
All that is required is water, as the mitt itself is made up of microfibers which help to break the bond of the makeup to the skin.

When your face is clean, you merely scrub the mitt with a bar of soap, rinse and hang by the loop to dry. This can also be purchased at 

How do you wash your brushes #bbloggers?

That's all for now ;-)

Keep on blogging it beautiful


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I have paid for the products myself and have not been asked to promote them in any way.

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