Friday, 4 October 2013

Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O'Connor

So I know this isn't in keeping with my normal blogging themes, but to be honest, I would like my blog to be seen as a feminist blog one raising issues to do with women, be it in Ireland or the world.

Too many women's magazines rely to much on the fluff. It is almost as if they think we are incapable of processing much more than the latest fashion or makeup trends.

Obviously I have a huge interest in makeup. But my other passion is media. I am studying to be a journalist and am learning about what the medias role is. The media have huge responsibility in reporting the facts to the people, and they also have a huge part in how people are portrayed. These days it is not uncommon to have half naked women on our TV/computer screens 'twerking' as if they are the new 'feminists'. They are essentially prostituting themselves and making themselves into sex objects just to be noticed. It really has gone too far.

How woman are allowing themselves to be portrayed in popular culture is frankly disgusting, between Miley's Wrecking Ball video and Rihanna's Pour it Up video, the message these women are sending across is that the only way to get noticed is to degrade yourself. The voice is no longer what gets you heard it is the body. It really is shocking that this is what the future generation of females have to look up to.

Peaches Geldof tweeted:

Just saw Rihannas "Pour It Up" video. Miley at the VMAs and now this- just gonna ask- whats next- actual penetrative sex in a video?! Yeesh."

She pretty much voiced what we are all thinking about the route the music industry has gone down of late.

I stand up and applaud Sinead O'Connors valiant attempt at providing Miley Cyrus with some spot on advice.

Miley's response shocked me however. She basically put down Sinead O'Connors opinions on the basis that she suffers from mental health issues and she made fun of her for them. It is almost unsexy nowadays to voice your opinion. This is like a throwback to the whole 'seen and not heard' days of the 1950s.

This girl seriously needs to educate herself, and reign herself in before she makes any more serious twitter faux pas against one of the most influential women of our time.

And by comparing her video for Wrecking Ball to Sinead O'Connors world famous song Nothing Compares 2 U ? Cop on to yourself girl before I take a Wrecking Ball to your gaff. #TeamSinead


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