Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Inglot VIP Blogger Event & Makeup Haul

Inglot officially opened their doors on South Anne Street, just off Grafton street on Saturday the 28th September. Irish beauty bloggers however had the privilege of a preview of the store before it was opened to the public. Lucky us! ;-) 

I went along with my mum in town lured by the promise of goody bags and wine! We were not disappointed. Inglot laid on a friendly welcome from Jane Swarbrigg, Inglots brand manager. She claimed to recognise me from somewhere, where I do not know! Perhaps I just have a very familiar looking face ;-) 

The store is quite narrow and long, which was a bit of a struggle to peruse as the place was crammed with enthusiastic bloggers. We had a quick look at their extensive selection of nailpolishes, and eyeshadow palettes and headed upstairs where the masterclasses were to commence. 

Our lovely model for the evening bore a striking resemblance to Michelle Keegan, as remarked by one of the other bloggers in attendence. We had some wine, quickly guzzled down with some Haribo tangfastics as I made the mistake of shopping on an empty stomach never a good idea! Then came the main event of the evening, the much anticipated Inglot goody bags....

I received a red lipliner, an eyeliner, a voucher for a makeup lesson, a voucher for a makeover and two fabulous nailpolishes! My mum also got a face primer sample and a lipstick. I will have reviews up on these items as soon as I have used them all. I have used the lipliner, eyeliner and primer, and am happy report that they all proved to be pretty decent beauty buys! So all in all, I was happy with my mini makeup haul. 

Reviews to follow!

Keep on blogging it beautiful



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