Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hair Heroes #BOBBlogChallenge

My No1 Hair Hero is Equave leave in conditioner. It is available in most salon supply shops and I am not sure how much it retails at as I've had mine for months literally it lasts for ages and I use it every time I wash my hair. I shampoo, condition and then spray this into towel dried hair. It makes combing through hair soooo easy as I used to have the worst tangles in my hair and NO patience!
I used to have hair extensions and it is a great product for use with microbead extensions as well.
This argan oil shampoo and conditioner is used by my hairdresser and available in chemists for only €1.99 each bottle, which is incredible value! As all you beauty bloggers know argan oil is the word on everyones lips in regards hair care and it leaves my hair looking shiny, healthy and feeling thick. Love it!
And last but not least...Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor. What can I say? It smells diiiivine. I literally am in love with all the Aussie scents. I leave this in towel dried hair for three minutes or more and my hair is left silky smooth. Fantastic for those who have dyed their hair a lot, or have a lot of breakage.
So that sums up my hair heroes, sorry for being so bold and not posting at 7pm. I'll be kilt! ;)
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  1. wow are those argan oil products really that cheap?! oh my god, thats amazing, how have I not seen it before. I'm a huge aussie fan, used one of their products on my list too. that equave spray is brilliant for detangling hair and for bleached hair...such a brilliant list ;)

    1. Thanks hun :) In love with all the aussie products, might buy that mousse you mentioned! x

  2. My local pharmacy just got these in and I picked up the Argan conditioner and put it back in favour of something else.. I must go back and get some!

  3. I love the Aussie Hair masks x

  4. I have those Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner and loved them! So cheap and such a big bottle!

  5. Wow, argan oil for only 2€ that's awesome!

  6. I absolutely love Aussie conditioning products, I've featured one in my post as well! The Argan Oil shampoo/conditioner is such good value! Great post :) x



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