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Skincare Saviours: #BOB Blog Challenge

Samantha, at set us beauty bloggers out on a challenge to present to you our Best of Beauty bits, so here are my "Skincare Saviours."

Ever since I started wearing makeup I have used No7's Soft & Soothed gentle cream cleanser to remove the daily grime on my face.
I simply work it into the skin, dampen some cotton wool with warm water and off it comes in one swoop. I just think this cleanser which is "fragrance free, non-drying and pH balanced" is perfect for my sensitive skin as it is also hypo-allergenic.

Recently my mum purchased the Cien moisturising cream and it is actually the best moisturiser I have used by a long shot. The texture is just so silky and it is seriously good value! Sure where would ya be going!

Lastly, I use a lot of different primers but I thought Nivea's offering for an express hydrating primer deserved a shout out for best bargain primer for normal to dry skin I have tried. It really helps keep your makeup on which is always a plus.

Now, if I had to pick just ONE Skin Saviour of 2013, it would be Skin Superfood from Bia Beauty.

I adore this Irish all natural skincare brand. I love their ethos and the great thing is their products actually work! I purchased the bitesize gift set last year as my skin was in serious need of some tlc, and as I am a bit of a commitment phobe I didn't want to go buying the large sizes until I had tried the samples!

I woke up on my 20th birthday with what I self diagnosed as keratosis pilaris. I am not sure what it was caused from but my cheeks were covered in these weird itchy raised spots. It looked terrible and of course waking up on your birthday with any sort of skin malfunction isn't the best.

I started using Skin Superfood all over my cheeks and on my nose where I have always had dry skin and within three days my skin was back to normal. I only wish I took a before and after photo, I was delighted! I can't recommend it enough.

I am also in love with Bia Beauty's gentle orange and grapefruit facial exfoliater, it smells divine and works perfectly on my skin. It also doesn't leave little gritty bits all over your skin which I have found with other exfoliaters.

Last but not least, are my favourite skin saviours for the body. I never really moisturised as I found lots of moisturisers took too long to sink in and left my skin feeling sticky, but Dove's silky nourishing body cream leaves my skin feeling pampered and hydrated, I have really dry skin on my elbows and it works a treat.
For the luxury shower cream I would have to recommend Fenjal. It smells incredible, and my skin feels so soft after use. It also leaves my bathroom smelling divine.
Hope you enjoyed reading about my Best of Beauty: Skincare Saviours, and will tune in every Thursday for a new blog post about my favourite hair and beauty products.
Leave a comment below if you have tried or will now try some of the products mentioned, I always reply!

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  1. Ok I've still not tried the skin superfood from Bia beauty and so many people have raved about it!! So that is definitely on my list of Spring purchases! Great first post hun :) xx

    1. The scent isn't great but for a miracle product who cares! Thanks Sam, looking forward to posting every week #BOBblogchallenge x

  2. Brilliant post, liking the sound of Bia Beauty :-) lots of bloggers are raving about their products tonight for #BOBBlogChallenge

    1. Have yet to read all of the blog posts but I bet once I do I will have a list as long as my arm of products I want to try! :) x

    2. I'm working my way through them too, getting lots of ideas for my next shopping trip! :-) x

  3. You have such a beautiful blog <3
    If you would like to visit mine and follow me on Bloglovin I always follow back ;)



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