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How To: Dress Right For Your Body Type

I've always kind of thought in hope that I had the classic hourglass figure of tiny waist, and matching hips and bust size but in actual fact only a tiny percentage of women have this figure. Famous faces (and bodies!) include Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian.

How To Know If You Have an hourglass figure

You have an hourglass frame if your bust and your hips are the same measurement
  • Your waist is well defined.
  • Your body makes a perfect 8 shape.
  • Broad shoulders
  • How to Dress For Hourglass Figures

    Halterneck tops and low necklines are very flatterng on the hourglass figure as they draw the eye inwards to your tiny waist. Make sure anything you wear the focal point should be your waist. Fitted jeans will suit you as will bodycon dresses as you have the perfect curvy figure to show off!

    How To know If You are Pear Shaped:

    Famous pear shapes include Beyonce and Rihanna

    Your top half from shoulders to bust to waist are the slimmest part of your body. 
    Thighs and bum are in greater proportion to your shoulders and chest.

    You will find yourself to be one dress size bigger on bottom than on top

    How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body
    I am a classic pear shape and while I have a bigger bust I am still a size smaller on top than on the bottom. In order to balance this out I have been given great tips by Louise O'Reilly, plus size model and blogger at

    When wearing tight fitting dresses always wear a very supportive push up bra to balance out your top half. Skater style dresses will also be more flattering as they skim over your wider hips. I love high waisted shorts and trousers as I have a small waist, and a loose crop top will suit these styles.

    Wearing a darker colour on the top and brighter on the top will also balance out your figure visually. Large statement necklaces or big earrings draw attention up as well.

    How to know if you are an Apple Figure:

    Famous Apples include:

    This is a very common shape in women!

    The Apple shape is usually defined by the following:

    A large chest area.

    Round tummy area (undefined waistline)

    broad hips/thighs

    either a flat or full bum

    How To Dress For Apples:

    • Emphasize Your Legs
    • Show off Your Bust
    • Avoid clingy clothes
    • Wear tops that skim the stomach and hips, avoid low cut jeans and shorts or high cut tops
    Are you athlethic/a pencil type?

    Celebrities that have this body type include Cameron Diaz and Keira Knightley

    Pencil also known as ''rectangle' shape means your body has little or no curve definition.

    Your bust and hips are likely to be the same width

    Your legs tend to be longer than your torso

    Overall you will have an athletic figure, and even if you happened you gain weight you are the envy of all other body types as your weight tends to distribute evenly!

    How to dress for your athlethic/pencil shape:

    Draping and ruching are your best friend for adding colume and curves. You are one of the few people who can wear ruffles! Cinching in the waist will also add curves. If you have toned athlethic legs you will want to avoid a chunky wedge or shoe something more delicate will balance out your muscular side.

     Hope this is helpful! If you want I can put together outfit ideas for the different body types! :-) Let me know in the comments!


    1. Would love if you went into a bit more detail for each body shape, but this is a great post to get me started, Thanks Katie!

    2. What body type are you? I will go into more detail and give outfit choices if you want in an update post! :-) Thanks for reading! x

    3. The dress is even more beautiful in person! It is a bit big as expected but my seamstress said no problem on taking it in to fit me exact and she couldn't believe the price either.
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    4. Hello Katie.your post is great and I really appreciate it but I still can't understand if I have hourglass or pear body type. Can you give me some more advices about how to differentiate them?

    5. Thanks for sharing such beautiful information with us. I hope you will share some more information about body shape.Please keep sharing.
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