Friday, 16 May 2014

The Ten Commandments to Surviving a Summer Festival

  • Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours tent (or other items for that matter). Don't go nicking your tent neighbours fold up chairs, drink, food or sleeping bags. This one should be fairly obvious for festival banter. Sleeping in a muddy field with no shelter is no craic.

  • Thou shalt not overpack. No-one wants to be lugging a massive backpackers pack from the drop off point to the campsite. It makes for sore shoulders, a sore back and a shite start to your weekend of debauchery and music.

  • Thou shall remember to bring toilet roll, bin bags and hand sanitizer. These are three essential items that will not let you down. Toilet roll for obvious reasons as the portaloos aren't usually well stocked. Bin bags- You can sit on them in the mud, you can use them to throw your rubbish in or bring all your stuff home in when you make the rookie mistake of overpacking and have your bag spilt open. You can also use them as rain ponchos. Fashionable they are not, but they have their uses. Hand sanitizer because you will get mucky and no one wants to catch any nasties from the portaloos.
  • Thou shalt not drink all your drink in one go. Who wants to wind up in the First Aid tent/losing all your friends when you could be twerking at BeyoncĂ©? Use your noggin kids and pace yourselves.
  • Thou shall stock up on carb rich stodgy food. It might not make for that summer beach bod but it keeps you from having to go to the toilet every two minutes which isn't fun when you are trying to get to the pit. It will also keep the energy up. Bring some fruit as you will get sick of chips after you have had them for three meals.
  • Thou shall wear wellies. And knee socks for the girls. You can keep your phone safely in your sock so it doesn't get lost and you can also smuggle cans in down your wellies...Ssh, you didn't get it from here.
  • Thou shalt not take anything that happens at a festival too seriously. When drink, little sleep, shitty food, and muck are involved we can tend to get overemotional. Just try to think YOLO and let it all roll off your back because whatever bad can happen it probably will but just try to get on with it and enjoy your weekend :)
  • Thou shall bring suncream and keep hydrated. Could be wishful thinking that any summer festivals this year will be hit with the sun but if they are you don't wanna wind up with sun stroke, sick as a dog and with a horrific migraine that can't be blamed on drink. So bring a hat, shades, and alternate a few drinks with water instead. You will feel all the better for it.
  • Thou shall not wear a playsuit to a festival. Just think about it. Drink, tiny portaloo and trying to climb in and out...It's just not going to end well.
  • Thou shall have the craic and stay safe. Don't wander off, try not to get to drunk after all if it is as good as its suppose to be you shouldn't need the drink. Campsites can be dodgy places, so keep that in mind when you  are deciding whether to set up camp next to dodgy looking peeps.
Will you be heading to a festival this summer? There is Electric Picnic in Co.Laois, Indiependence in Mitchelstown and various other 'day' festivals such as Longitude and Forbidden Fruit. Tell me in the comments below. Summer Festival Style Guide to come! :)


  1. Aw I love the style of your post it's amazing! You've hit the nail on the head with the over emotional point. Too many messy crying girls ! haha xxx

    1. Haha thank you! :) when i look back at those moments they seem hilarious but were disastrous at the time (see first aid tent over Beyonce) xx

  2. THE PLAYSUIT!!!! Dreaded mistake! :) Love this! x

  3. Thanks a mill love when people take the time to comment!! :) x

  4. Katie, what a brill post. Love how you did a 10 commandments style. I've gone to a few festivals and agree with all these points. I brought bin bags one year and everyone thought I was mad till we ended up needing them so big yes to that point. Oh the playsuit/jumpsuit thing, don't get me started,I don't get why women wear them to festivals, just not practical. I'm all about shorts, tshirt, wellies and socks, easy, comfy and you can hide stuff in them haha

    1. Thanks Sarah! Seems the festival theme was very popular this week thanks for organising this blog challenge! Looking forward to the next topic x

  5. Love this post. I'm yet to go to a festival, I've wanted to for years, gonna have to get round to it!


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