Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My first GlossyBox Revealed!!

If you read the title and thought- what in the hell is a Glossybox well let me let you in on a little beauty secret...Glossybox, along with Powderpocket and the Chic Treat Club are all beauty subscription box services. You can sign up to a rolling monthly subscription and get sent a mystery box of beauty treats once a month! You mean I'm paying for something that I won't know what it is until it gets here? Yup! But that's the beauty of it! Anyone who loves surprises will love a Glossybox.

This July was a stars and stripes special edition box as it was the 4th of July, Independence Day in America. The theme was American favourites products which was faaaabulous. Let me just say I ordered, and it came exactly a week later which was perfect. was wrapped absolutely beautifully I was afraid to open it!

 It comes with a handy leaflet that details excatly what was in the box and how to use it :)

Some products were old favourites such as carmex lip balm, the rest I hadn't actually tried so that was brilliant.
There was an oil free eyeshadow primer that I will be using as a cheaper dupe of my Urban Decay primer potion.
A set of imPress press on nails which I have yet to try, but they are a gorgeous wearable pinky coral colour which I am happy about as I saw some Glossybox receivers got a disgusting blue nail polish.
A Bellapierre mineral lipstick in Catwalk. This is a super wearable pinky nude shade that mimics my natural lip colour. I am so happy I amn't stuck with a disgusting coppery or brown castoff. It applies so smooth and creamy.
Last but not least I got a sample size of Pur minerals dirty girl face mask. I can't wait to use this as with all the sun my skin is in need of a good mask!
All in all, I am extremely happy with my first Glossybox! Will I be subscribing again? You will have to wait and see.... ;-)

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  1. This is so cute. What a great idea. Never heard of Glossybox but I might think about signing up for it. x


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