Saturday, 12 July 2014

Shop with me Saturdays

Hey ladies! So I don't know if this will be a regular thing, but hoping to make a regular blog post on a Saturday on what I bought during the week be it make-up or clothes. I am a total shopaholic so I'm sure we won't have a 'dry' week! 

Get in losers, we're going shoppppingggggg


I hit the River island sales hard. I am so delighted I went in as I found unbelievable bargains. Now I am telling you, I am one lucky girl to have a mam like mine. She is so good at finding amazing bargains and things I would never consider that always end up looking deadly on me! So she is actually the raging fashionista behind most of these fashion picks today. All personal shopping/styling I credit to my mammy Mary. 

Bear in mind: I am in no way a model, was just having the craic taking some photos but thought looking at the clothes hanging up wouldn't be too much fun now would it? :)

Excuse the close up of my bum, but like...if ya got it flaunt it...haha #bigbootybitch

Jeans are River Island Amelie Mid-Rise Superskinny jeans. They fit so goddamn well. I find it so so hard to buy jeans that look nice on me, and these fit so perfectly and are a great length! They were reduced from €50 to €30. Scoreeee. 

The top is a woven coral top and was reduced from €25 to €12 also from RI and a 'Mammy' find. The back looks kind of weird in the above pic, but it is super flattering from the front. 

Ah god, super awkward pose but sure...

What do yiz think of my flatforms? ;) I hear all the huns are wearing them and they look super comfy and 90s so I picked them up. They were a bargain, €24 down from €55. 

I'm wearing a blazer which I loooove that I picked up also in the sale. I love the zip detail you can zip them up for tighter sleeves and it is so flattering. I love the tailored look and you can wear a blazer with anything! It used to be €67 I think and I got it for €30. Awh yeeah!

I went on into Penney's because you can't go shopping and not go to Penney's in my opinion anyways :P
I picked up these white top with sheer panels and I love it. I didn't realise it was quite so fitted so I probably could have gone for a size up, but sure look it. The sheer panelled white top was €13... bit dear for Penneys?

I also picked up this sheer black 'kimono' type cover up that I just think will be so handy to throw on over everything. When I am doing someone's make-up I like to wear black as well so it will go perfectly. This was €9 and is really comfy. I got it in a size Small which has a funny story behind it. I automatically picked up an L and this random woman saw me trying it on and was like' ah I think medium would be grand for you' and we swapped, and then she said 'sure try a small we're always buying clothes too big for ourselves,' and small fit like a glove! When buying oversized its actually better to go smaller, at least then it shows your shape! :) 

Just such a random funny encounter with her, she was flying through penneys whipping tops on and off on the shop floor haha 

You can see the sheer detail a bit clearer in the above pic :) 

Hope you liked shopping with me! :)

Do you like what I bought? Get any great bargains lately? I'd love to know... :) 

Total spend:
Orange woven top €12
Jeans €30
Blazer €30
Flatforms €24
Sheer white top €13
Black kimono €9

= €118 

Saved myself €101 !!!! 




  1. I love everything!!! Actually going to look for that peach top myself later!

    1. Thanks missus! :-) hope you have some luck finding it got it in navan river island x

  2. I love a good bargain! Great post :D


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