Monday, 1 September 2014

A Fresh Start

September is the start of so many things, and as always the first of every month is the perfect time to make a change.
This month, I will be moving out of home for the first time. I will be in charge of my eating habits and don't want to get dragged into the 'student' habits of Koka noodles, pizza and chips.
This is my month to make a change, health and fitness wise. I have been saying it for so long and I feel like this is my moment to take control and stop living life with the glass half empty.
I've been out of work for the last few weeks with an injury, and haven't been exercising or able to make - over others like I love to do! (I'm a freelance MUA) I am determined to start getting back into things I love and start giving back to others who have given so much to me.
I don't know if this post is coming across as rambling but it is one of my first foray into the whole 'lifestyle' side of blogging and I just want to get my thoughts out and my point across. These kind of personal posts tend to freak me out, as I don't like to open up my private life to other people across the internet. That is one reason why I stick to beauty blogging, but I have decided to expand my writing a little bit and why not blog about motivation, and weight loss something a lot of us struggle with? 
Myself and another beauty blogger were talking recently of the struggle to lose weight, and how it has knocked our confidence and I really want everyone to know it is a mental thing and we CAN do it. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. It is a slow process and a tough one. It is a mental one more so than a physical one but I have conquered it once before so I can do it again.
I'm not sure how these kind of posts will go down with you, if you are used to my beauty blogging don't worry I won't be giving that up! But once a month or more I may be updating the blog with a little post like this with hopefully some results. This is a scary thing for me to blog about, so hopefully you will be supportive and share your thoughts below!


  1. This sounds good to me, I need to sort my life out! Maybe we can help motivate one another?!?

    1. Definitely Karen! Just dm me on Twitter if you want to chat :) or you have my number sure! Day two done and lots of exercise to say body is in paaaaain haha

  2. Good luck with leaving home and the fresh start!


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