Thursday, 11 September 2014

Answers to your most asked beauty questions!!

The number one most asked beauty question to me anyway is the following:

What is the best foundation brand to use?

My answer to this is that it is all relative. There are so many factors in the right foundation and that depends on your skin. Estée Lauder Doublewear Light is a gorgeous light, long lasting foundation that gives amazing coverage. Rimmel have also upped their stakes. Mac can be hit and miss, and I haven't heard good things about Inglot. If you have oily skin a compact foundation will be more suited to you as it contains no oil. I have a friend who swears by Mac Camouflage cream concealer as foundation. A liquid foundation or anything that is more fluid will obviously be suited to dryer skin. 

How to get A quick and easy smoky eye...

Pat a black gel liner over your lid. Pat a shimmery purple shadow on top, blend a matte black in your crease with a fluffy blending brush. Tight line your inner rims, run a pencil brush dipped in same shadow under your eyes and apply mascara et voila. Blend, blend, blend to avoid looking like a panda. Will put a tutorial up soon!

What can I do to get a flawless, long lasting base? 

First, you need to prep your skin. Bin the wipes, start cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising regularly. Next, prime your skin! Then taking a good buffing brush such as a Sigma f80, dip it into your foundation and start working the product into your skin. Pat it in to your skin. Layer it again. Follow with a compact powder such as Mac Skin finish in Medium to add extra coverage. Take Urban Decay setting spray to top it all off. 

How can I fill my brows in? 

I swear by an angled brush. I am using the MUA brow kit at the moment, in fair. I spray a little Mac Fix plus into the shadow, coat my angled brush and lightly mimic the hairs in my eyebrow with light strokes. 

False eyelashes are so hard to apply, any tips? 

Buy a decent pair. I can't stress this enough you will notice the different. Eye lure and Ardell are great brands. Trim them to suit your eye size and shape. Lash glue such as Duo glue is recommended. Let the glue set for about thirty seconds while flexing the band to retain the eye shape before applying. Then measure up against lashes. You will be applying it to the skin just above the lash line while your eye is closed. Press down firmly for about twenty seconds, then apply mascara to blend with your own lashes. 

So that's it ladies, my answers to the top 5 FAQ beauty questions, if you have any more questions leave them below :) 


  1. i would like to see more of these types of posts as I ALWAYS get stuff.


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