Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Moving Out

I haven't blogged in nine days! Wow, that must be a record for me...the reason why is that I have just been so busy with moving out for the first time, and getting ready to start back into my second year of journalism. This will also be my final year of the Higher National Diploma, but I'm hoping to go on and do an extra year for a degree in Media Production Managment! :)

Anyhoo...back to the blog post...moving out for the first time! Okay, so I've only ''officially'' left home three days but it definitely is taking some getting used to!

First of, I am sharing a house with two other people. Neither are going to college, they are both working and are actually hardly ever there so its a bit lonely so far! It's also so much quieter than my house at home.

Another thing that is different is that I actually have to do all the cooking and cleaning up after myself. I wouldn't say I was spoiled at home but it definitely is a big step up from what I was doing for myself at home!

I did my first 'proper' grown up shop the other day, and it was so overwhelming. I was literally standing in the aisles of Aldi (fab German supermarket) wondering what on earth to buy, cook and feed myself with for the week!

It was only then when I realised how much thinking Mammy and Daddy do for you, when your at home under their roof.

Things I forgot to bring when I moved out:

1. Comfy slippers & Cosy dressing gown - You honestly really would miss these in the evening times, such a home comfort. For someone like me who probably spends 40% of my time in pjs this was obviously a stupid thing to forget!

2. A bin - kind of essential for a room!

3. Sunglasses and summery clothes - Kind of went straight in with my A/W wardrobe when it's actually gorgeous outside!

4. Pics of family and friends! You WILL get a little lonesome.

5. Crisps and chocolate - OK, I said when I moved out and shopped for myself I was going to eat like an eco goddess gluten free paleo fairy but to be honest nothing better than a little comfort food...

That's pretty much it...don't forget your books, notepads, stationary, important documents...I almost did that too! ;-)


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  1. Yikes! Moving can be quite daunting with all the packing and unpacking it entails, so it's totally understandable if it took up most of your time. In any case, I hope you're doing well these days, and that living in your new place has proven to be quite some fun. By the way, thanks for the heads up about things one might forget when packing! Take care! :)

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Co.


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