Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blueberry Breakfast Pancakes

Stuck in a rut eating porridge or eggs for breakfast? Switch it up on the weekend to make yourself something truly Instagram worthy with this Slimming world friendly breakfast! Three pancakes is 3 and a 1/2 syns and well worth it! 

I even gave myself an extra chocolate treat for 1 syn. One square of the Bourneville chocolate from Aldi is equivalent to a syn. I just melted it in the microwave. 

I mashed three bananas in a bowl. Lightly beat three eggs and added them to the bowl along with a tablespoon of sweetener, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of vanilla essence or a teaspoon of cinnamon. I beat all of this together with a hand mixer and then added 100g blueberries. 

Spray a large frying pan with fry lite and place over a medium heat. I was able to cook three pancakes at once using a spoon to do equal sized pancakes.

They only take like two minutes on either side so be prepared to flip over gently.

The mix is supposed to serve 6 (18 pancakes so 3 each) . 

I served with my one square of melted dark chocolate and a spoonful of fat free natural yoghurt. It was delicious and well worth the effort. 

If you have leftover batter I would just cook and freeze the other pancakes. 


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