Thursday, 10 September 2015

Week 2: My Slimming World Diary

Second week in and I've lost four pounds! I'm delighted, I usually give up and never have faith in these types of plans but it just goes to show you can still eat proper meals AND lose weight! Either that or they are rigging the scales... ;) 

So I had a pound and a half weight loss this week even after a night out and two bad food choices ( I had a McDonalds nugget meal after the night out and I ordered a spice bag but only ate about a third of it). It really is all about balance. I walked loads, have been eating a lot more fruit and vegetables and have really cut down on the amount of bread I used to eat. 

What helps with the Slimming world plan is there are so many recipes online and on the app to make tasty healthier versions of food you already eat or in my case wouldn't eat. I am a fussy eater I am realising and before this plan would have existed on a very monotonous diet  consistent predominantly of carbs and very little fruit and veg. I don't really like meat like pork or beef so I mainly eat chicken and fish like salmon, hake, tuna but I can't turn down bacon! It's all about working the plan to suit you. 

For examples of what I've been eating I've cooked diet coke chicken (random I know) salmon curry ( was actually delicious) healthy version of fish and chips and my favourite thing of all to have when I've the time is a big slimming world friendly breakfast. I do spinach mushrooms and tomato for my speed foods (foods that speed up weightloss) and then a fried egg in fry lite (1 calorie spray oil) some baked beans if I have them and either bacon medallions or bacon with the fat cut off. This is such a satisfying breakfast and sets you up for the day. I usually have it it on top of a slice of wholemeal bread or two or a Sandwich thin available in Aldi for your healthy extra B. 

I really wasn't expecting to lose weight this week. I usually gain when it's that time of the month and because of two bad food choices and lots of drinks but it's all about balance and a bad day really doesn't make a bad week. I can only imagine if I was super strict with myself how much weight I could lose in a week. 

My goals for the week ahead are as follows: 

1. Drink more water - aim for 2 litres a day not counting counting cups of tea! 

2. Walk for at least thirty minutes everyday. I was in the gym previously doing weight training and since I've moved I've yet to join another gym so I decided just to start off small and start walking and build up to running. It's free which is always good when you're a student on a budget. 

So that's all for now I've done a food shop and planned a lot of my meals for the week ahead already so fingers crossed for another good loss! 


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  1. I am so bad at meal planning and watching my calories, well done to you. I have also started running and getting back into shape, not easy but I am not giving up

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem


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