Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Week 3: My Slimming World Journey


The above saying is certainly true for me tonight anyways! I had my third weigh in this evening and lost three pounds! I have lost seven pounds in three weeks and got my 1/2 stone award this evening. I have to stop saying I'm shocked that I've lost weight because I know myself I have changed a lot of bad eating habits and stopped being so lazy. I've started walking every single day doing at least half an hour, mainly 45 minutes walk and I've started running small amounts of that walk. I've also seriously upped my water intake which I think is a huge contributer in the weight loss this week! I have been flushing it all out of me and have been drinking two litres of water a day. 

An easy way I find to remember to the water into you is to fill up a 500ml bottle and carry it everywhere. Simply refill three times over the day and you have your recommended daily intake. 

Those are two major things I really think have helped me this week. I've cut back so much on the amount of bread and snacking I used to do which is making a big difference and I also enjoy my treats more. I made a slimming world friendly banofee pie this week which was as good as the 'real' thing and can put the recipe up if anyone wants it. 

My favourite thing about the plan is that I don't feel guilty about eating any more. I can have a treat as long as I plan it and know it's within my 'syns' so the element of control is something I really needed. I even was peckish the other night before weigh in and wanted something savoury so I peeled and chopped up FOUR potatoes, sprayed with Fry Lite and sprinkled garlic salt and pepper over and made myself some Slimming World chips and still had a loss the next day. 

I'm eating so much more fruit and vegetables than I would have before and really enjoying it. I have mushrooms, spinach and tomato all the time and am snacking in oranges, plums , apples and peaches instead of reaching for something unhealthy. I'm almost afraid to be losing weight so quickly and don't want to be getting too comfortable and gettin ahead of myself so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully will have another good result next week! 

I'm thinking of joining the gym as well as I want to tone up which weight loss won't do but I don't want to start exercising and have it mess up my numbers on the scales. I know it sounds silly...any advice? 

Good luck to anyone who is embarking on their own healthy fitness and lifestyle plan and I hope your enjoying reading about my progress! Til next week :-) 


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