Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to: Halloween Vamp Look

Vamp it Up

Wanna get my look? Read on 

This Halloween vampire tutorial on YouTube is very helpful for getting the eyes right for this look. 

Start off with a clean base, apply your foundation as you normally would. Use a few shades lighter than normal and apply concealer to highlight down the nose, along the cheekbones and between the brows and on the chin. 

It is all about the essential smoky eye, eyeliner flick, and of course the bruised look. 

It is easy to create a bruised eye. Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and mix a matte red eyeshadow and a matte blue eyeshadow.

 I used a matte blue eyeshadow in Fog from the MUA matte palette. I didn't have a matte red so I used a shimmery red in a MAC eyeshadow palette. 

The two shades mixed together create a purpley colour which is essential to define and create the bruised effect. 

Use a silver shadow on the lid. Line your lower lashline with black liner, I used Inglot soft precision liner. No need to be precious about it, this look is all about the seamless, so blend, blend, blend over that liner with some matte black shadow. 

Taking a black liquid liner, line the upper lash line ending in a flick. Don't touch the flick but blend the line with some black shadow fading into the silver shadow.

I used a grey shadow to contour my cheekbones and around the temples. 

Now for the fun part, the ombre lip!

Taking your black eyeliner line your lips. Colour in the outer corners of your lips, it should look like black trianges on the corners of your lips. 
Then I took my MUA lipstick in Style Transformation. 
You can use a red lipstick either but I decided to do a berry lip. 
Apply on the non coloured in parts of your lips first. Then apply over the black areas and blend in with a lip brush. 

I love this ombre look as it really creates definition and it is an interesting look. 

For the blood, I took TopShop matte lipstick in RIO RIO, and with a lip liner brush just drew small downward strokes. Obviously, if you had some fake blood to hand it would complete the look. I just applied some false eyelashes, slipped on a black dress and I am ready to go!

Happy halloween!

Keep on blogging it beautiful xoxo


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