Tuesday, 22 October 2013

MUA Cosmetics Haul


Finally, at long last my MUA cosmetics arrived. I say at long last, but it took exactly 5 working days as stated on their website www.muastore.co.uk I was just so eager to see what all the hype was about.
The products I ordered were as follows:
MUA Ever After matte eyeshadow palette
Scarlet Siren matte lipstick
Matte foundation Shade 1 Soft Sand and Shade 2 Honeycomb
Extreme Volume mascara in Black/Brown
Maxi moisture lipstick in Style Transformation
My first impressions:
MUA Ever After matte eyeshadow palette
I was ecstatic to rip into my heavily bubble wrapped makeup goodies!
The matte eyeshadow palette is very pigmented which is great as some of the shades looked very light. It includes 10 matte shades and can be used to create a subtle or a smoky look.
I used the shades Chino and Truffle in my crease, Taffeta on my lid, and Bare to highlight. I then wet my angled brush and used Penny on my brows. I loved the overall look, but Penny was a bit dark for my brows as I am very fair! I should have used Fade instead.
Matte palette & swatches

Matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren
I am in love with these £1 lipsticks! €1.18 to us Irish gals ;) The packaging is slick, and the colour pot at the bottom is just fantastic and such a good idea if you are doing makeup on someone else.
You can use the bullet of lipstick for yourself and the little pot of colour for a client. It is very pigmented, and has a lovely not too drying texture for a matte lipstick.

Matte foundation Soft Sand & Honeycomb
These foundations at €1.18 were such a super cheap buy I couldn't resist.
I had planned on using them for my makeup class, as you are just applying and removing makeup there is no need to use expensive foundation...or so I thought.
This foundation felt fine on my skin when I first swatched it, I could really wear either shade 1 or 2, but then I applied it, and it was waxy, and had very poor coverage.
I was really disapointed with the foundation. The packaging is lovely and really professional looking however.
Here is the blurb on the back of the foundation:
A creamy texture that blends beautifully for that perfect velvet finish and long-lasting matte complexion
Definitely not easily blended, and I would describe it as waxy over creamy.
Thumbs down!! But at €1.18 I wasn't expecting miracles.

Extreme volume mascara in Black/Brown
I used this mascara this morning, I wouldn't say it gave me any more length or a huge amount of volume but it did the job in coating my fair lashes and not making me feel like an alien. I would recommend the black/brown shade as it is great for a day look.
 Maxi Moisture lipstick in Style Transformation

I prefer to describe this lipstick as Wild Berry as I feel like it is such a rich berry shade which is very in for A/W. I have never worn a berry lipstick before, and it was quite a strong look for day, but I really feel like you are never fully dressed without a strong lip!

This lipstick was gorgeous and creamy. It smells divine! Imagine walking into a Yankee candle shop. It applied really well, and lasted very well and didnt come off when I was drinking. It also didn't get on my teeth! Bonus!

Overall verdict: Very pleased with my MUA Haul but will not be purchasing foundation again. Loving the lippie! Eyeshadow palettes are great value for money too. Its worth hitting up the website for a few beauty bits!

Let me know what you thought of my review!

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Disclaimer: I had to get all photos shown from google, as my photo uploader wasn't working. So thanks to whoever photos I have displayed!


  1. the lipsticks and eyeshadows look great. Hopefully the eyeshadow palettes come back in stock soon so I can put an order in!

    1. If you sign up to muastore.co.uk, they will send you an email alert when things are back in stock! :)

  2. I really want to try some MUA eyeshadows and that palette looks awesome :). I might have to order some. Do you know if they ship to Australia?

    1. yeah they ship internationally! Its £7.50 so whatever that is in aussie dollars :) palette is great, their undressed palette is an urban decay naked palette dupe!


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