Thursday, 5 June 2014

My New Favourite: Makeup Brush Brand

Have you heard of Madison? No, she isn't a cheerleader from the US of A, instead it is the newest makeup brush brand to take the market by storm.

The creator of Madison makeup brush is Paul, owner of the Cosmetic Outlet. This is the man who kindly donated goodie bags to all of us who attended the #BloggersinDublin event. In those goodie bags were these two fab makeup brushes for me to road test: a small duo fibre and a large powder brush.

My first impressions:

I wasn't too overawed at first glance as the duo fibre appeared to be quite synthethic looking, and I had never used a small duo fibre before - BUT! Upon using this little beauty she applied foundation expertly! This brush gave great coverage and buildeable layering of foundation on mon visage. I am very very pleasantly surprised!

The other brush, the fluffy powder brush feels so so soft and sleek. I did find it hard to pick up product eg my MAC Skinfinish in Medium face powder. It will be great for blending however.

Overall thoughts:

Delighted to have got the opportunity to try a new makeup brush brand, so watch out for these ladies and the duo fibre is well worth a purchase! Another great thing about its small size means it is easy to get into the creases around your nose and lips, something I found very difficult with my previous duo fibres.

Have you tried the Madison makeup brushes yet? Let me know in the comments!


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