Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Cover Sunburn with Makeup

Have you been left with a red face after all the sun we have been having lately? Well so have I, and since I was heading to a wedding yesterday I had to figure out a quick way to cover up my sunburn. 

First, applying aloe vera gel or after sun is extremely important to start the healing process and cool down the skin. When this dries in make sure to apply your moisturiser. The skin is totally parched so it really needs to be prepped and primed. 

Now for the magic! After you apply your primer, I used Smashbox Photofinish you need to get yourself a green colour corrector. 

I used Dermalogica Ultra Calming redness relief. Apply a tiiiiny amount lightly all over red areas with a flat foundation brush or your fingers. The green pigment completely kills off the red, restoring your face to it's natural complexion. 

Then apply two light layers of a yellow toned foundation. Both yellow and green counteract redness so if you natural use a pinky under toned foundation opt for a yellow toned foundation or finishing powder. 

Top it all off with some bronzer and a peach blusher, avoid pink tones in your make up and your sunburn will turn into a gorgeous sunkissed glow the total opposite to a lobster! 


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