Sunday, 15 June 2014

Get my Summer Nail look

I got my nails done recently in Beck's Beauty Salon in Maynooth. I was looking for something bright, summery and fun as I am going away on Wednesday to Portugal...totes excirah!

I hmmed and hawwed for ages about what sort of nail art I wanted, and eventually settled on a variation of this: 

Here is a photo collage of what my nails actually turned out like after I opted for a coral instead of a hot pink :)

What you will need:
  • A liner brush - This can be a very thin paintbrush or eyeliner brush

This is the Real techniques liner brush ( Pic via The non blonde)

  • A coral nail polish eg Rimmel Coralicious or OPI Toucan Do it available at
  • A white polish The Tip Ex look is okay here
  • A gold sparkly polish eg Barry M Glitter Paint
  • A good top coat to seal in the polish 
Apply two layers  of polish on alternate nails in the style that you want, leave to dry. 

When bone dry dip the liner brush into a TINY amount of the glitter paint and starting from the base of the nail draw a single line upwards towards the middle. 

Copy this but on the opposite side this time. This will form a perfect triangle when they meet in the middle. Then repeat for the effect as seen in the picture above. 

Apply top coat when glitter polish has dried for long lasting effect, et voila! Perfect summer nails. 

Let me know what you think of my nails and if you try this out at home. xx


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