Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Mini Marathon Experience

Well ladies, doesn't Monday's 10 kilometre road race seem like a distant memory? Congrats and a big pat on the back to all the lovely ladies who took part in the Flora Women's Mini Marathon. The day was so full of positivity and good vibes - I really enjoyed myself!

I found the first 6 kilometres grand surprisingly, even after working til 3 am that morning. Myself and my mum walked and jogged it, the last four kilometres was when I could really feel it in my poor tootsies are in serious need of some tlc!

Thanks to all the fab musicians and bands who kept our spirits up and kept us entertained along the way! Unfortunately by the time we got to half of them they were just finishing up their synchronicity I'm afraid!

I didn't raise as much as I hoped for my chosen charity the DSPCA. I thought merely making an online donation page would urge people to sponsor me but sadly it seems people need to be hounded into contributing! Ah well, I got some sponsorship together off line so it isn't so bad!

I would include some pics with this post but as most of them are me in the rain/unflattering running gear I think I will decline! I also doubt my mumma would want her face plastered all over social media.

So I leave you with this,

 I did it for the doggies!


p.s any of you ladies complete the mini marathon? It felt like such an achievement and I am really glad that I did it! :-) To the comments!

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